Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome To 2015!

Year end vacation is nearly over. Monday the work begins again. I'll be starting that copy writing course as well as getting back down to it on the book. Although, Writer's Digest is having a short story contest right now. They extended the deadline to enter until January 16. I'm thinking of banging something out and sending it in.

Maximum word count is 1500, entry fee is $25 per manuscript. In addition, all entrants will receive a special pass to an upcoming webinar on marketing short fiction. You can find more details here. If you've never explored the Writer's Digest website, I highly recommend you do so. Lots of good information for free and even more when join up.

I also recommend their tutorials. There is a cost - either monthly or yearly. Yearly is the best value. I'll be watching more of those beginning Monday, as well.

For now, though, since it's gloomy and gray and pouring with rain outside, I think I'll just get bundled under a quilt in my chair and continue with the book I'm currently reading - Watership Down. I finally got the book on my kindle and even got the professional narration. They call it immersion reading. I'm finding I quite enjoy being read to. The narrator even alters his voice for each character. I had forgotten just how good this book is. I remember reading it a long, long time ago.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and is looking forward to a brand new year. I know I am.

Oh, and since I am in Ohio.....GO BUCKS!

Sorry. Just had to do it.

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