Sunday, November 9, 2014

NANO Update

The first week is over. I broke 16,000 on Friday. Didn't get a chance to write yesterday - ok, I was slacking but I needed a day completely off from work and writing.

I have been averaging over 2000 words a day so far - including the days I didn't write, of which there have been 2. My NANOWRIMO dashboard says I'll be finished early if I can keep that average up, which means I now have to write everyday in order to do that. And I will.

The first non-writing day happened because of the twist my story took away from the synopsis/outline I had in place. I was able to rework the synopsis/outline to accommodate, knew where I was headed again on Friday and then another twist happened. After breaking the 16,000 mark, I decided to spend the rest of my writing time that day once again adjusting the synopsis/outline.

I guess you could say that even if you do have a synopsis or outline before beginning to write, you must be prepared to see that change. Unless you are so thorough in your synopsis/outline that you've thought of every possible twist and turn that story could possibly make. I'm thinking that would take a long time and the actual writing would probably never begin.

So here's to writing a synopsis/outline to give a general direction but be willing to take a few side trips along the way. The writing experience is much more fun when that happens.

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