Monday, November 3, 2014

NANO Update!

It's day #3 of NANO and I've already posted over 10,000 words. I know, right? Kind of hard to believe it myself but there it is.

I have to admit, for someone who has resisted outlines for so long, the one I did for my NANO project has really come in handy. I'm not sticking to it completely but close enough that I'm well on track with the story so far.

I have identified a few scenes that will need to be written during revisions. I've done some synopses I can refer back to when the time comes and yes, I am counting those toward my word count. They were written during NANO so...Scrivener allows me to add pages of text together so it's been pretty easy to insert the scenes where they need to be and continue on. Speaking of which...

By the way, if anyone else is participating in NANO this year, feel free to post your word counts in the comments. And let me know who you are on the NANO website. I'm PennyT18. We can be writing buddies. I know I'll need the encouragement later on when the going really gets tough.

See you there!

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