Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Crunch Time!

Edits on the book are about two-thirds of the way completed. I have made a firm commitment to get it into the hands of my writer's group by next Friday. So, yeah. It's crunch time. 

I really want to get this over and done with so that I can move on to getting the copywriting part of my life up and running and making me money before I start the next novel. It's either that or cube city. I think we already know how I feel about cube city.

I had the opportunity to spend some time over the weekend with a couple of my fellow beauty bloggers. I was the newbie of the group so I spent my time listening to them talk about blogging and their experiences. I found it quite fascinating to hear what they had to say and to hear about the struggles that they still have despite being established, successful bloggers. 

I am no way near their level yet, but I do hope to be. If not with beauty blogging then with writing but hopefully with both. Between blogging and copywriting and novel writing, there's plenty of income potential all around. I just need to be more consistent with writing every single day - something I don't actually do right now, I'll admit.

One thing I think will definitely help - getting the writing space a little more organized than it is at the moment.

My writing space is also where I write this blog as well as my beauty blog. It also serves as storage space for the beauty related things like nail polish - don't ask how many bottles because I still don't know. Lots - that's about all I can manage without taking the time to count. 

This room is also supposed to be my 'living room'. I moved back home with my parents a few years ago - not only to help me out but to help them out as well. They are in their mid-seventies and while they don't need assisted living or anything like that, sometimes they do need a caretaker. It's much less stressful for me to be here, knowing that should anything happen, it won't take me 45 minutes to get to them. All I have to do now is walk down the stairs. 

I have the entire second floor pretty much to myself and I'm using one of the bedrooms as my office/living space. Right now, however, it looks more like cardboard box hoarder's central. So, when I call it disorganized, I am not even joking a little bit. I'm starting to believe that a disorganized writing space leads to disorganized writing. 

I'll be honest. It's hard to concentrate in this room right now. Can't have my little writer's group come here right now, either. However, the chaos does not have to continue. It won't continue. I've made a second firm commitment - with myself. 

This weekend, my writing/beauty/living space will be cleaned up and organized. My promise to me. 

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