Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quick Belated Update

Been busy writing additional scenes for the novella to fill the holes I found during edits. I finally have those done but there also needs to be some changes made to the next scenes as a result. Word count on the additional scenes is 4543.

I'm now calling the 1st draft my outline. I'm also thinking that the 2nd draft might go into next month as well, considering the extra scenes that need to be written and the changes that need to take place. I was hoping to keep this to around 50,000 words but might have to rethink that. I'll just see how it all comes out when I'm done with draft #2.

I'm also developing some ideas for my NANOWRIMO project. I may or may not write the next book in what may or may not be a series triggered by this one novella. Lots of idea swirling around in my head that I need to get into some kind of brief outline or premise statement. I've also seen some very good prompts in my Facebook news feed. All of which reminds me of one thing.

A writer's mind can be a very busy and at times, a rather frightful place to live.

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