Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Computer Time?

I think my computer is slowly going insane.

It doesn't have a bug - at least that's what my numerous anti-virus, malware detectors say, but it does seem to be slowly losing functionality just when I cannot afford to buy anything new. My rule is if I can't get something better than what I already have, I don't need it. Might have to rethink that rule now.

I do have a laptop I can sort of fall back on but since I sacrificed speed for battery life, it just isn't sufficient for all the other things I do on a computer besides writing.

So, new computer time? I'm thinking so. Which means funds need to start rolling in here really soon. Which means I need to stop watching YouTube videos and get my butt in some serious gear. 

Another distraction this week....have all you PC people seen the news about Windows 10? Microsoft is supposedly providing this update for free to all 7 & 8.1 users. My desktop is 7, my laptop is 8.1 so obviously, I'm expecting that free upgrade, right? Yeah. Not so much.

There is supposed to be a lovely little icon on my taskbar that will enable me to reserve my copy of 10. Unless that icon is actually invisible (which it is not), I do not have said icon - on either of my computers. Both computers meet all of Microsoft's criteria but for some reason, they apparently do not recognize either computer as eligible. At least, that's what I assume since I don't have the icons.

I've done everything suggested in the forum and finally gave up because it's just too much hoop jumping for something that may or may not be any better than what I already have. There's that rule again.

What I don't understand is, they are doing the free upgrade because they finally get that while 8/8.1 worked like a dream for tablets and phones, it's total crap for PCs. Ok. Maybe not total crap but it does come with a learning curve. There are still things on my laptop that I haven't figured out - only because I just haven't taken the time. Like booting up into the desktop instead of the app screen, for instance. I get around that because I don't really ever shut the thing down. I just close the lid. The only time it gets a restart is when I get updates (and don't get me started on those).

This whole thing with Windows 10, however, is making me seriously consider defecting to the other side. I speak of the Apple side.

I always said I'd never have an i-anything because of the total proprietary way they do things and how I'd have to replace pretty much every software package I own. I'm now looking at the other camp with a bit of longing. I know Macs have their issues, too, but they don't seem to have as many. Of course, it doesn't help that a friend of mine just got a new Macbook and that thing is pretty cool.

Yikes! Just looked out the window. I think we've got a big nasty rolling in. That's what I call bad thunderstorms. Gotta go check Intellicast. All south of me right now but that doesn't mean it'll stay that way.

Where was I? Right. Computer in death throes.

Maybe not that bad but it's enough to really irritate me. I suppose I could live without the desktop for a short while if I had to. Some of the things I do can be split between the laptop and the Kindle, but most of my games don't play well on the laptop. Sacrificed processing speed for battery life, remember?

Then again, those games represent distraction from what I'm supposed to be doing so maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing. And maybe that's why the desktop is doing this to me now? Oh, why did I have to go and think that?

And on that note....I'm gonna go find something productive to do. Or watch another YouTube video.

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