Friday, February 20, 2015

Adapt What Has Already Been Written or Just Rewrite The Thing?

That's my dilemma right now. My current work in progress has been written and rewritten and altered and bears very little resemblance to the very first draft completed way too many years ago to mention.

And now I find myself thinking, "Oh, just rewrite the whole darn thing and be done with it."

A complete rewrite would take longer but then I already know the scenes and how they will unfold. Trouble is, the prewritten scenes sound a bit different from the newly written parts. One reason I'm thinking just rewrite the scenes over again. Another reason is that I have scenes in mind that I've already written but because there are so many versions of this same story, I'm having a hard time finding said scenes. Then there's the difference in my voice from when I first began to write.

This current story is the original story I began writing way back in 1995. Back then, my hero was - well, let's just say he wasn't the nicest guy in the universe in his younger days. My heroine was not nearly the strong female type she is today. Back then, she actually cowered before the hero. Today, she's liable to land him on his back the hard way if he puts a toe out of line. They're pretty well matched and at this point in their lives, the romantic chemistry is undeniable.  

I did make them quite a bit older in the current incarnation, which I think helped. Plus, I got older - but we don't need to go into that much detail, do we?

I suppose I'm answering my own question as I write this. Just bite the bullet and rewrite the thing, already. I really like these characters. I should. I've lived with them in my head for (counting fingers) a lot of years. Perhaps one day soon, they might even get introduced to the rest of the world.

But I gotta rewrite the darn thing first. Good thing Snowmageddon's happening this weekend in my little corner.

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